VermilliRUN Race Course

With over 1,000 homes, a private community pool facility, two restaurants, the Vermillion Trailway, dozens of meticulously landscaped greenspaces and nearly 20 miles of paved streets, the Vermillion residential community has so much to offer walkers and runners without ever leaving the safety of our surprisingly close-knit neighborhood! No more running down major roadways or through busy intersections - The VermilliRUN offers runners and walkers the safetly of running on quiet and well marked neighborhood streets. Each year the VermilliRUN gets a redesigned course to feature new and different sections of our beautifully designed and maintained neighborhood!

Here’s a look at the race course for the May 4th, 2019 VermilliRUN. Feel free to download it so you can start practicing!

Check back soon for the announcement of our 2020 VermilliRUN race course!